The goal of the white paper drafted by the CoinChum project (the “Company”) is to extend the CHUM tokens to our prospective holders for the event of the token launch as propounded by CoinChum. The CoinChum team would like to clarify that the information presented above may not be all-inclusive and by no means implies any sort of contractual relationship. The sole purpose being served by the white paper is to provide reasonable and relevant information associated with the CoinChum IEO to the prospective token holders. 1. All materials, ideas, and concepts are a property of CHUM, LTD and protected by copyright and other applicable law. 2. This whitepaper, the CHUM websites or any other material produced by the CHUM or its team, is not an offering, solicitation or prospectus of any kind. 3. CHUM is exempt from any direct or indirect liability to the maximum extent of the law. 4. CHUM tokens are not regarded as securities in any jurisdiction. 5. CHUM token is classified as a utility token. 6. Viewer is warned to study and analyze the main components of blockchain technology and learn about the blockchain operation structure, wallets and the importance of protecting private keys. 7.Viewer is warned that any technology, including blockchain based systems, is never completely protected from various hacking attacks. 8. Viewer is warned of the risks in the crypto industry and potential to incur significant losses. 9. Viewer is warned that this white paper or any other material presented by CHUM is not created as a promise to make any profits. 10. Every crowdfunding CHUM investor will be required to go through extensive white-listing requirements.This document is strictly private, confidential and personal to its recipients and should not be copied, distributed or reproduced in whole or in part, nor passed to any third party. 11. Citizens or residents of the United States of America, Singapore, and China will not be approved to participate in CHUM crowdfunding. 12.No geographic restrictions are applied for bounty program